Preliminary Program


Keynote 1 (Wednesday): Longterm and late effects: Improving the quality of care for cancer survivors


  1. Lonneke van de Poll-Franse: Long term and late effects of cancer treatment
  2. Marjan van den Akker: Comorbidity and well-being in older cancer survivors
  3. Paul Jacobsen: Impact of the survivorship research for the delivery of quality of care (working title)


Keynote 2 (Thursday): The integration of the cancer experience into a coherent life story: Life narratives and meaning-centered interventions


  1. Tilmann Habermas: The development of autobiographical meaning making in adolescence
  2. Irma Verdonck-de Leeuw: Meaning centered group psychotherapy in cancer survivors
  3. Gary Rodin: Managing Cancer and Living Meaningfully: CALM Before the Storm


Keynote 3 (Friday): Risk estimation, decision making and patient-reported outcomes: The role of psycho-oncology in individualized medicine


  1. Odette Wegwarth: Risk estimation and decision making in cancer care: Implications for health care delivery (working title)
  2. Matthias Rose: Relevant patient-reported psychosocial outcome criteria in clinical studies
  3. Christoffer Johansen: Future Research in Psycho-Oncology

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