About PSO


The Psychosocial Oncology Association (PSO) was founded on March, 2nd 1988, on occasion of the 19th German Cancer Congress (DKK) in Frankfurt. The aim was to integrate the new field of psycho-oncology into medicine and also strengthen psycho-oncological studies. From a professional and political point of view, it was only reasonable to include the PSO within the German Cancer Society.

Vision and Mission:

  • the research of psychosocial aspects regarding the development, the treatment and the progress of cancer
  • implementing scientifically based findings into patient care in the fields of prevention, therapy and rehabilitation
  • fostering interdisciplinarity in patient care, scientific research and further education

To arrange further education in the field of psycho-oncology and organize conferences, the PSO cooperates with other specialist societies.

Collaborations exist, among other specialist societies, with the German Association of Psycho-Social Oncology (dapo).

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